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What Others have said about

A Guide to Unconventional
Spiritual Exploration and Growth
by The Rev. Dr. Prentice Kinser III

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"I highly recommend this book for anyone who would like to enhance his or her personal and spiritual development. Dr. Kinser gives many examples from his own life and from those of others he has known, of how this can be achieved. He teaches a wide variety of methods (all of which he is personally familiar with) to assist the reader in their personal/spiritual quest, including T'ai Chi, relaxation techniques, journal writing, dream analysis, and Native American spirituality. Quite frankly, it's the best book on the subject that I have read in the more than 30 years that I have practiced internal medicine and acupuncture. Anyone with an open mind and honest heart will benefit from reading this book." 
Ronald Berman, M.D., L.Ac., Internal Medicine, California

“Rev. Kinser has created a remarkable and important book which I would highly recommend to everyone. Science has now documented the mind/body connection and its importance to our health. In addition, research has begun to show that connecting with the religious and spiritual dimension of our lives provides powerful tools for prevention and reversal of disease, as well as achievement of optimal wellness. 
Sandra A. McLanahan, M.D., Integrative Medicine Physician and co-author of: Surgery and its Alternatives, How to Make the Right Choices for Your Health  

“Dr. Kinser’s LIMITLESS LIVING invites us to discover the mystery of faith in our lives. In a beautifully written work, Dr. Kinser takes us on a spiritual tour, welcoming readers of all ages and beliefs. He provides numerous examples and illustrations, including nontraditional approaches to spiritual insight. Dr Kinser affirms life and spreads joy. Readers can benefit from his unique perspective of spirituality in a twentyfirst-century world. A must-read!”  
Christopher S. Walsh, M.D., Board Certified Radiation Oncologist; Fellow - American College of Radiation Oncology; Medical Director of Mid-Rivers Cancer Center

"This is an extraordinary book on spirituality and the myriad ways to access guidance along this path of healing into Limitless Living... I loved it!"
Pat Reppert, RN, “Goddess of Garlic,” Founder of Hudson Valley Garlic Festival, and author of:
Mad for Garlic Cookbook,
A Cookbook for Garlic Lovers, Saugerties, New York

“Here is a breakthrough book by a courageous writer whose life exemplifies limitless living. He is a great teacher through his writing and through his presence.”
Margaretha K. Finefrock, CLO/Wrangler of The Learning Project, and author of: Pilgrimage of the Heart; Mountains Diminish Under Foot; and, The Art and Ministry of Teaching, Kansas City

“By turns humorous and meditative, the author explores and shares his spiritual journey and encourages his readers to do the same. He provides a wonderful resource on topics from theology to t’ai chi, Native American traditions to meditation, and other avenues for limitless living!”
Anonymous, RN and Nurse Practitioner, Nursing School faculty and yoga instructor, Richmond, Va.  

"In Limitless Living, Dr. Kinser shares details of his fascinating spiritual exploration that began as a young boy writing in his journal and continues today in conversations with his guardian angel. Coming from an Episcopal priest, this nondenominational and multi-faithed book is a delightful surprise. Dr. Kinser is not your ordinary garden-variety priest, teacher, writer; but rather, he is extraordinary. He courageously shares his personal spiritual path as well as his thoughts on reincarnation, near-death experience, guardian angels, and other unexplainable and controversial issues. If you have an open mind, you will love this book."
M. Paige Peterson, Virginia 

"I think this book does a beautiful job of highlighting ways that we can tap into our spiritual lives to enable 'limitless living'. The stories from the author's own life are amazing, inspirational, and sometimes mind-blowing. You will enjoy the exercises that he provides, from meditations to instructions on tai chi. I highly recommend this book!"
Namaste (posted on Amazon.com)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Limitless Living - reading about other peoples spiritual experiences is very uplifting. Most importantly, is Dr. Kinser's ability to follow spirit instead of being bound by cultural and religious influence. The exercises are written simply which is a great help for anyone who wants help on their own spiritual journey. I earmarked a lot of pages which, for me, is indicative of how I feel about a book. I would highly recommend Limitless Living for the spiritually minded."
Christine Sanford, Virginia (posted on Amazon.com)

“It is a privilege and an honor to have Prentice Kinser quote from my death experience when I met the Risen Christ and was conducted through the four realms by Him. Prentice is a twenty-first century priest and the type of minister we need to lead people to greater understanding of how great our God is and how far out He stands ahead of us all.”
George G. Ritchie, M.D., psychiatrist and author of: The Challenge; My Life after Dying—Becoming Alive to Universal Love; Return from Tomorrow; The Place We Call HomeExploring the Soul's Existence After Death; Ordered to Return My Life After Dying  
I am sad to report that Dr. George G. Ritchie, Jr. died on Sept. 25th, 2007,following a courageous battle with cancer. I know George is in good hands and is rejoicing with our Lord. As he said, "Death is nothing more than a doorway, something you walk through." When we last met shortly before he died he said he expected death to be like a "joyful reunion" since he had so many family and friends already on the other side!  I love that phrase ... a joyful reunion, one that someday we all will have.  PK3

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