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Ancient Otter Publishing is a small publishing company devoted to offering books that help us playfully explore our world and find more joy in life. Therefore, we are proud to present the widely acclaimed book: LIMITLESS LIVING, A Guide to Unconventional Spiritual Exploration and Growth.

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Welcome to Ancient Otter Publishing

When you were young did you ever feel that you didn't want to grow up because adults seemed to be so serious? In your life now, do you think you are too serious? If so, Ancient Otter Publishing is ready to assist you in finding more play and joy.

Otters are recognized in both Celtic and Native American cultures as masters of play. If you have ever been to a zoo or out in nature and watched an individual otter or an otter family, you begin to understand that it is possible to see life as a game to be enjoyed, an adventure to be experienced, rather than a burden to be endured.

Part of the otter's joyous energy is associated with its connection to water, where this animal spends most of its time. Water symbolizes both change and receptivity, allowing life to be rather than worrying about things which have already happened or about things which may never come to pass.

For those of us who wonder how we can surrender our seriousness and learn to be more playful, the otter's behavior provides a clue. These animals not only love to play but also are intensely curious. They will often appear next to a person's kayak or canoe so that they can investigate the occupants. If they find an unusual object on the sea floor they will study it carefully and then use it in their play. We believe curiosity is not something that "killed the cat" but is something sacred and holy. When we are curious we are interested in our world and eager to explore it. And as we explore we become more playful. This is the central goal of Ancient Otter Publishing, i.e., to help us playfully explore our world through special books.

We can also learn from another aspect of the otter's behavior. Baby otters aren't born knowing how to swim; their elders teach them. Our staff hopes that the books we issue here at Ancient Otter Publishing will provide wisdom, guidance, and/or instruction from "elders" so that we may learn to swim more playfully and joyously in the flow of life.

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Special thanks to Connie and the web site Beyond the Rainbow ( for permission to adapt their "Power Animal" article on the Otter.



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